Plenty in the goodie bag for this week.

Azealia Banks – Young Rapunxel
Azealia has been going nuts recently pumping out track after track and this one is just as strong. This time she shows her angry side, accompanied by a bizarre video that you have to see. She does the female version of Death Grips pretty good we think!

Disclosure – You & Me (ft. Eliza Doolittle)
Disclosure are having quite the rise to fame at the moment, and some of that fame has to be put down to the features that they are getting on their tracks. From low key house DJs to radio heavyweights, this one features ‘Skinny Genes’ indie singer songwriter Eliza Doolittle.

Donny Oh – Bag Fries
Can you believe that this kid is only 16? Well yes, you probably can considering he mentions it in the song, but that doesn’t take away from how impressive it is for him to be producing music like this. Hip-Hop that isn’t too serious, but also doesn’t mention the word swag too much. Sounds like the perfect balance.

Sigur Ros – Isjaki
I might be biased as a big fan, but I don’t think I’m the only one who is looking forward to the new Sigur Ros album. The sound has changed slightly, but this second single released of the new album is just as powerful and emotive as you’d expect from these champions of Iceland.

The Phoenix Foundation – Thames Soup [NZ]
Another indie pop banger from the lads doing kiwi-land proud. This one off their new album ‘Fandango’ has the usual suspects, jangly guitars, catchy lyrics and chanting vocal lines. It’s a goodin for sure.

Tommy Ill – TV [NZ]
Sampling Moby’s ‘Porcelain’, this leading track from Tommy’s soon to be released free album ‘Fearless Bueler’ shows the rappers gentler more introspective side. And lets face it, who hasn’t fallen asleep with the TV on once or twice!?

Best of the rest:
Buska Dimes – Boogie2988 [NZ]
2am Orchestra – Aint Got The Fight [NZ]
’83 Girls – Ahwell [NZ]
Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Grounders – Speedboats
Junip – Line of Fire
Perrion – Get A Job
Snakehips – On & On
Wilberforces – Paradise Beach [NZ]