With passionate and contemporary-minded hosts, we’ll bring you the best of alternative music, from great local music to other awesome tunes from around New Zealand and the rest of the world. Our shows are also jam-packed with interesting and relevant student news and opinions. We broadcast 24/7 all year round, live from our studio in the heart of Massey University’s Tiritea Campus and on the move around interesting events throughout Palmerston North! No need to listen to scripted segways and the same old crap songs elsewhere, we’ve got everything you could ever need on 99.4FM. It’s Real Student Radio!

First going to air in 1981 from a caravan as “Masskeradio”, the station has also has been known as Radio Massey and been based at several locations around the campus before finally landing just off concourse. We operate with over 100 staff, 98% of which are volunteers. Our volunteer group is largely comprised of current or recent Massey Students, but we also have a large group of awesome peeps from the wider community who are involved in the station. We’re graciously supported by the Massey University Students’ Association (MUSA) and New Zealand On Air, as well as a number of local businesses. You’ll hear us giving them a shout out on air, so get behind them! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill in the form on the Volunteer! page, or come and see us in the MUSA building! Whether you’re on air, giving us a hand with some technical stuff, helping us promote the station or writing up some news, there is a place for everyone here at Control.