Distance Students'

May 2019

A Note From Izzy

Helloooo lovely distance students, and welcome to exam time!
Now before you freak out, lets frame that a bit differently.

Helloooo lovely distance students, and welcome to the exciting finish line of this semester’s papers! That’s at least one step closer to your goal! Has a much more positive tone to it, huh?

Believe in yourself as you prepare for (and ace) exams. Be sure to schedule in breaks, eat nutritious food, get some fresh air every day and love your family, friends and animals! Because preparing, but also entering exams in a positive frame of mind, is going to lend itself far more easily to success.

I’m always just a phone call or email away.

All the best!

Distance Advocate • distance.advocacy@musa.org.nz

Want FREE Food?

It is definitely starting to cool off around the country, which can sometimes result in particularly high-power bills – so lame! If you are a bit short on money and need some help paying for your groceries, you can apply for the MUSA Food Grant.

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Want to win this exam survival pack? Of course you do! Head to the MUSA Distance Students’ Advocacy Facebook page and leave a review of our services to go in the draw!

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Check this out!

Sometimes major unforeseen life events get in the way of preparing for exams properly. If this is the case for you, read more about impaired and aegrotat grades on the MUSA website.

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Exams & Study

Tips on preparing for exams

Here’s some awesome video recordings with exam, writing and study tips to help you feel best prepared.

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Need help with semester 2 planning?

The academic advice team have an in-depth knowledge of all the courses on offer at Massey. Book an appointment to get your studies on the right track!

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To check when and where your exams are go to your Student Portal, click ‘Results and Exams’ followed by ‘Personal Examination Timetable.’

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Meet Your Local Volunteers!

Name: Fiona Charlton

Based: Hamilton

Why distance study? So that I can study in my own time, in my own home, in PJ’s if necessary!

What makes me human? Appreciating the small things. When I’m not studying, you’ll find me in the garden practicing macro photography. The work / family / life balance is a juggling act, so it’s nice to be able to offer you a chance to meet your fellow distance students at the start of each semester so that you know you’re not alone.

Best study tip? We consolidate our memories while we sleep, so read over your notes, cue cards, or display material before you go to bed.

Waikato facebook group

Name: Kelly Hall

Based: Otaki, Kapiti Coast

Why distance study? It is flexible enough to let me get on with life and study.

What makes me human? The chaos! There is always something being done, half done, or to be done.

Best study tip? Study methodically. Make use of the previous exams and trust that you will remember more than you think.

Kapiti facebook group

Massey Business School

Introducing one of the staff members from the Massey Business School!

Name: Ramola Ladge

Based: Palmerston North

Role: Student Experience Administrator. I am here to support and engage the distance community for Massey Business School.

Random fact: I can wake up at 5am any day of the week, without an alarm!

Contact me: r.ladge@massey.ac.nz

Massey Library

We are celebrating the fact that we have been a part of the BONUS+ Borrowing Scheme for 10 years this year. We have a few things planed between the 22nd July – 9th August, so check out the website to see what we are doing. Don’t know what the BONUS+ is? Check out the details here.

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